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Quality seasoned firewood

Our seasoned firewood is ideal for open log fires, woodburners and woodburning stoves.

Firewood is cut and split to your required size, length and quantity, and can be delivered in various load sizes from kindling, net bags to small or large truck loads and also bigger loads if required.

Our firewood has been cut, stacked and allowed to dry to ensure it is adequately seasoned, this ensures minimum moisture content and guarantees the firewood will burn effectively.

Bob's Logs provides a friendly and professional service to domestic and commercial customers across Hertfordshire, Essex and London.

We supply the following:

Chopped seasoned logs
  • 1 x Cubic Metre bulk bag £50 
    • If you are within a 10 mile radius of our farm we can do 3 x Cubic Metre bulk bags at £130 with free delivery
    • Between 10 to 20 miles radius, we can do from 2 x Cubic Metre bulk bags at £50 per Cubic Metre with free delivery
    •  Over 20 miles minimum order of 3 x Cubic Metre bulk bags at £50 per bag plus £1 per mile delivery charge
  • 3 x Cubic Metre bulk bags £130 within 10 mile radius of farm (EN10 7QN)
  • Delivery charge of £1 per mile over 20 miles

Spliced American white oak kindling

  • 1 x 70 Litre bag at £10
  • 5 x 70 Litre bags at £40
  • 1 x 50 Litre bag at £8
  • 3 x 50 Litre bags at £20

Contact us today to book your regular fuel supply or to discuss which firewood is best for your home.


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