Seasoned Firewood That Burns Brilliantly in Hertfordshire

You can rely on Bob’s Logs to provide you with quality seasoned firewood to keep your home and business warm. Our range of seasoned logs and firewood is probably the best in Hertfordshire, and we cut and split everything to your preferences. No matter the length, quantity, and size you need, we’ve got the firewood for you!


Why Choose Us?




Some of the reasons that customers choose us are:

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  • Chopped Seasoned Logs

  • Spliced American White Oak Kindling

  • Collection and Delivery Seven Days a Week

  • Competitive Prices

  • Excellent Customer Service

  • Serving Hertfordshire, Essex, and London

We deliver a professional, reliable, and friendly service, so contact us today.

Seasoned Firewood

Our seasoned firewood is ideal for open log fires, wood burners, and wood-burning stoves. Everything that we offer is cut and split to suit your requirements and we offer various load sizes ranging from small kindling bags to large bulk bags and more.

This quality wood has been cut, stacked, and dried to ensure that it’s adequately seasoned for the task in hand. This guarantees the minimum amount of moisture and that the wood will burn effectively. What we supply and our prices are available below:

  • Chopped Seasoned Logs | 1 x Bulk Bag | £60
  • Hardwood | 1 x Bulk Bag | £100

If you are within 10 miles of our farm we can offer three bulk bags for £160 with free delivery. Between 10 to 14 miles from our farm, there’s a minimum order of two bulk bags, charged at £120 with free delivery. Between 14 to 18 miles, the minimum order is three bulk bags for £180 with free delivery.

Over 18 miles, the minimum order is three bulk bags plus a delivery charge of £1 per mile each way.

Builder rubble sacks of logs are available at £10 per sack or five sacks for £40. Our kiln-dried oak kindling is £10 per bag or you can get five bags for £40.

We also offer builder rubble sacks of hardwood at £15 per sack and 5 sacks for £60.

Looking for Quality Logs?

For excellent seasoned firewood and logs, choose our professional team.

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